Sunset Bar & Terrace

The Sunset Bar & Terrace takes its name from its magnificent scenery; offering a variety of cocktails and signature beverages as the sun sets in the East China Sea.

Sunset Bar & Terrace

  • Cuisine:International & cocktails
  • Location:Main Tower 1F Atrium
  • Seating Capacity:60 (Inside 32 / Terrace 28)
Opening Hours
6:00 PM-12:00 AM

Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Cocktails
December - February

What we have ready for you are two cocktails in anticipation of the coming spring. "Russun" features a combination of orange, lemon, and Japanese cherry flavors in a beverage mixed with cherry blossoms petals. "Ichubi" is a milky beverage cmbining strawberry and chocolate flavors.

  • 【Dates】12/26 (Thu.) to 2/29 (Sat.)
  • 【Price】1,200 JPY per cocktail
  • ※Tax and service charge will be added.
  • ※Menu is subject to change due to availability caused by weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.


TEL:+81 98-965-2497